'How to make a Monster' highlights the processes involved in designing and building animatronic creatures for the film industry. It features the work of 1995 Visual Effects Academy Award winner "Babe", John Cox. The exhibition features 36 exhibits, including eight interactive stations, as well as a theatre and seven other digital screen presentations, step by step process guide, posters and story board and design drawing cases. Visitors can be an animatronic puppeteer maneuvering the crocodile tail from the movie “Peter Pan”, use x-ray eyes and see how ‘Junior’ is engineered. They can check out Inspector Gadget’s gadgets, touch “Pitch Back” alien guts, plus much more...  
The exhibition finishes 25 April 2005. For booking details visit

Be sure to catch this summer’s hit family movie ‘Racing Stripes’.
John Cox’s Creature Workshop made animatronic versions of Baby Stripes, Goose the pelican, Tucker the shetland pony, Franny the goat, Sandy the arabian mare, Reggie the rooster and Stripes. We spent 5 months in South Africa during the shoot. To learn more log onto



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