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Pitch Black creature Atron Skull


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Animatronic skull of one of only 2 remaining screen used Creatures from the movie ‘Pitch Black’.

The creatures were designed by french creature artist Patrick Tatopoulos.

Screen used.

Foam latex removed due to perishing.

Fiberglass,  metal components, metal cables.

Only two atron heads of these creatures that exist anywhere in the world. They are from the only remaining 2 film used versions of the creatures. Made of fiberglass, metal components and foam latex skins, they hung from the ceiling of the John Cox’s Creature Workshop where they slowly perished. One of only 2 post production copies is available on this Auction site.

‘Pitch Black’ is a Sci-Fi cult classic. It was shot in Queensland, Australia and starred Vin Diesel.

The creatures were puppeteered by the John Cox’s Creature Workshop crew.

The post production Pitch Black creatures featured in the international touring exhibition ‘How to Make a Monster – the art and technology of animatronics’.

Made by John Cox’s Creature Workshop.

Letter of authenticity from John Cox’s Creature Workshop.

Dimensions: 172 L x 50 W x 90 H cm

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