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Cool Japan

2011 Gold Coast Film Festival saw the Australian premiere of the Japanese Anime ‘Children who Chase Voices from Deep Below’. Here to introduce the film on the opening night and to deliver a free public seminar was the films producer Mr Noritaka Kawaguchi.

It was great to catch up again with Noritaka, we gave him a tour of JCCW last year. Nominated for an APSA award, he was presented with a replacement for his 2007 APSA award which was smashed during the 2011 earthquake and Tsunami in Japan.

Gold Coast Film Festival 2012 will be here soon as the date has moved to April, to coincide with our Supernova cultural partnership. More free seminars, as well as Mater classes, Anime, Foreign films, Australian premieres and free outdoor Kids films are in store so log on and become a subscriber for all the latest updates.

Noritaka Julie John01 300x200 - Cool Japan

John Noritaka02 300x200 - Cool Japan

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