AOS Elephant

“Alice” the Elephant – Australian Outback Spectacular 2014

Creating a full size Asian Elephant has been on my wishlist for many years. Needless to say when we were approached to create one I jumped at the opportunity.

The workflow to create her was fairly straightforward, begin by sculpting a digital elephant, then machine all the parts on the 5 axis router, assemble and detail, mould, cast and finish. The casting process was where this became a bit tricky with the elephant’s body cast in fibreglass whilst the tail, head and ears were cast in silicone. This was because the body was always going to be rigid with all of the movement coming from the head, ears, trunk and tail.

The total weight of Alice is approx. 450-500kgs. There are two people who operate the controls sitting inside the body of the elephant. The person in the back seat controls the trunk movement whilst the person in the front seat controls the head. The tail, ears and eye blinks are all controlled by a pre-set program of random movements, which can be manually over-ridden when required.