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Exhibition Concept

Discover the skills and processes involved in bringing a creature from the written page to the silver screen in this fascinating ‘behind the scenes’ exhibition.


This 5,000 sq ft exhibition engages people of all ages through their leisure, hobby, school and work interests.

The exhibition reveals:

  • how monsters and creatures are designed and story-boarded
  • how maquette are made
  • how full size creatures are sculpted, moulded, and finished
  • how animatronic components are designed and installed to create the bones and muscles that bring monsters to life
  • Interactive exhibits allow visitors to become an animatronics puppeteer.

How to Make a Monster features the work of 1995 Visual Effects Academy Award winner for the movie ‘Babe’, John Cox, and his company John Cox’s Creature Workshop.

Regional Tour version now available. 2000 sq ft (1 truck) ‘Monsters’ exhibition is now accessible to smaller venues.


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How to Make a Monster Trailer