Ethan’s Mr Peabody Thank you

March 30, 2014

Thank you to everyone who attended the fundraiser screening of Mr Peabody & Sherman today. With entry tickets and donations we made funds to put towards Ethan’s World Challenge expedition at the end of the year to Namibia & Botswana to conduct a building project for a disadvantage village.

Everyone had fun! Thank you

P1160308 300x169 Ethans Mr Peabody Thank you P1160309 300x169 Ethans Mr Peabody Thank you

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Julie’s Picks GCFF 2014

March 25, 2014

It’s that time of year again!

The Gold Coast Film Festival is on 3-13 April with an amazing selection of Films, free seminars, art and film making competitions and so much more. Check out the full program and get tickets on line at

Here’s what I’m attending so come join me:

1 April WED 6.30p

Re-imagining the Movies Art Competition Opening Event

RQAS Gallery, Broadbeach – Dress Hollywood Glam

3 April THU 7pm  (Red Carpet 6pm)

Opening Night Film ‘Grand Budapest Hotel’ – looks fabulous darings

4 April FRI  9am-5pm Yr 11 & 12 Film making seminar

7pm The Cure – Qld Showcase by local fimmaker David Gould

 5 April SAT

10am Meet the Producer – Ian Collie ‘Saving Mr Banks‘

11.15a Meet the Director –   Brad Peyton ‘San Andreas’

10.30a ‘Sunshine on Leith’ Australian Premier UK comedy

3pm ‘Laputa’ 2 screens – 1 Japanese, 1 English

7pm ‘Convenience’ UK comedy Q&A with actor/prod Ray Panthaki

6 April SUN 9am  Star Wars 501 Legion lead the Cosplay March from Kurrawa Park to Supanova at the GC Convention Centre – John, Ethan & I will be in costume

2.30pm ‘Any Day Now′ UK a gay couple who try to adopt a mentally handicapped teenager

4pm ‘Die Wand’ The Wall Austria/Germany

6.30pm ‘I Know That Voice’ (Australian premiere) John DiMaggio Q&A

7 April MON 7pm  ‘Big Bad Wolf’ Israel (Hebrew with subtitles)

8 April TUE  7pm  ‘Rock the Casbah’ Moroccan/French Omar Sharif

9 April WED 7pm ‘Fading Gigolo’ USA John Turturro writes,acts & directs

11 April FRI  7pm ‘The Polygon’ AUS/USA/KAZ Q&A with director Kimberley Joseph

9pm ‘Knights of Badassdom’ USA Pop culture comedy

12 April SAT 11.15a Crowdfunding Seminar with Pozible’s Alan Crabbe & dir Aaron Wilson

12.30p ‘Canopy’ (Australian premiere) first feature film by Aussie director, Aaron Wilson

5pm The Volcano (Eyjafjallajökull) French comedy dir by Alexandre Coffre

13 April SUN 10am Seminars: Transmedia & Creative casting

3.15p ‘All this Mayhem’ AUS An unflinching documentary account of drugs and the dark side of professional skateboarding OR

3.30p ‘Die Windpomp’ Sth Africa (World Premier) comedy

6pm Closing Night ‘Babadook’ Exclusive screening

There are loads more of fantastic films including: ‘Grease’ Sing-A-Long, horror, Sci-Fi, Anime … For the full program log on to

I look forward to seeing you there!


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Ethan’s ‘Mr Peabody & Sherman’ Fundraiser

March 19, 2014

At the end of 2014 our son, Ethan, & 11 other Benowa State High School students are visiting Botswana & Namibia to conduct a building project to help a disadvantaged community through World Challenge.
The trip consists of 1 week orientation during which they will spend 5 days on a trek with the Kalahari Bushmen (learning to survive on grubs and snake bites!…?), then a week living with, and doing a building project for, a disadvantaged village in Botswana, then a week doing 2 treks in Namibia. The kids plan & book all the treks, buses, accommodation, buy, carry and make all the food and materials for the building project, set up their own tents, etc.. There is a link to the World Challenge website at the bottom if you would like to know more. They need to raise $6900 each to go and Ethan has been cleaning bins @ $10 each, working at the Broadbeach Library (every 2nd weekend - he prefers this to bin cleaning) and is now staging this event:
Ethan’s ‘Mr Peabody & Sherman’ World Challenge Fundraiser.
The movie looks like heaps of fun.
BCC at Pac Fair Sunday 30 March 2.30pm – Adults at Kids prices! $12.50
Hope you can join us. Bring friends!
‘Mr Peabody & Sherman’ Trailer

Email or call me if you would like tickets or more information
0422 833655
Bring funny glasses and/or a bow tie if you have them. Thank you for your support!
Mr P 212x300 Ethans Mr Peabody & Sherman Fundraiser

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GC Art Festival 2014

March 11, 2014

Stone Song is part of the Gold Coast Art Festival currently being held at Evandale Parkland, Lakeside, at the Gold Coast Art Centre. From 8 -18 March you can watch 5 international sculptors transform huge blocks of marble into works of art.  Artists are from Australia, Belgium, Korea & Vietnam. This is a unique opportunity to watch professional artists in action.

As part of the festival there are 5 stone sculptures also on display at the Southport Broadwater Parkland so take a moment and enjoy some stone! For more information log on to:

STONE SONG small Logo GC Art Festival 2014

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New GC Cultural Center Revealed

November 22, 2013

It was very exciting to be at the announcement of the winning design for the new Gold Coast Cultural Precinct last night. We had the opportunity to speak with founding Director of Melbourne based ARM Architecture, Howard Raggatt, about his colourful and engaging winning design. To be constructed in stages, the multi coloured, multi level Art Gallery is aiming to be ready in time for the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games in 2018.

You can view the winning plan, and the other 2 finalist submissions, at the Gold Coast Arts Center. They are all wonderful concepts that were selected from the 75 entries submitted to the international competition. We were amongst many arts, professional and community members consulted during the concept development stage and look forward to this exciting project being a major stepping stone in the Gold Coast’s cultural profile for the future.

photo e1385086163669 224x300 New GC Cultural Center Revealed

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EB Games Expo Sculptures

October 5, 2013

If you are at the EB Games Expo at the Showgrounds, Homebush, Sydney 4-6 October check out the SKYLANDERS SWAP FORCE and CALL OF DUTY GHOSTS exhibits. JCCW was contracted by Sydney firm, Popology, to make the cool 3D pieces. Be sure to have your photo taken on the SKYLANDERS Portal.

Skylander Sml 296x300 EB Games Expo Sculptures

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1st Sunday at SWELL13

September 16, 2013

The fun has begun at SWELL Sculpture Festival 2013. See you next Sunday at 2pm at John’s work Blue Perspective for a ‘how he did it’ chat. Music, Art workshops and loads of stuff to do throughout the 10 days – check out What’s On at Swell.

P1150573 300x225 1st Sunday at SWELL13 P1150629 300x225 1st Sunday at SWELL13

P1150668 300x225 1st Sunday at SWELL13

P1150610 300x225 1st Sunday at SWELL13

P1150581 300x225 1st Sunday at SWELL13 P1150588 e1379311655267 225x300 1st Sunday at SWELL13

P1150645 e1379311819347 225x300 1st Sunday at SWELL13 P1150657 e1379311391455 225x300 1st Sunday at SWELL13


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Setting Up @ SWELL 2013

September 11, 2013

Swell 2013 starts Friday 13 – Sunday 22 September and John’s piece, Blue Perspective, is all set up and ready for visitors. It was a fun work morning and the photos below prove it!

50 sculptures by artists from across the globe are on display, as well as works in the ‘Smalls Gallery’, and the ‘Animals with Attitude’ joey koalas on display at Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary Lorikeet Arena. Lots of activities will be taking place so be sure to visit Currumbin Beach – entry is free.

P1150433 300x225 Setting Up @ SWELL 2013 P1150472 300x225 Setting Up @ SWELL 2013 P1150482 e1378875247827 225x300 Setting Up @ SWELL 2013 P1150518 300x225 Setting Up @ SWELL 2013 P1150549 300x225 Setting Up @ SWELL 2013


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Baby Koalas off to school

July 18, 2013

As part of the ‘Animals with Attitude Gold Coast Sculpture Trail’ baby koalas are on their way to schools across the Gold Coast. They will be painted by students who submit designs for selection, just like the big artists. They will be displayed at this year’s Swell Sculpture Festival, Currumbin Beach, 13-22 September.

The babies are a miniature versions of the koalas designed by John.

John has again been chosen to make a piece for Swell so be sure to put this event in your calendar.

Baby Koalas @ JCCW small  300x225 Baby Koalas off to school

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Ray Harryhausen & me

June 27, 2013

Ray Harryhausen 1920-2013 Tribute - John Cox introduces Ray Harryhausen at the 3rd Brisbane International Animation Festival – 5 May, 2000.

Ray Ha photo 300x173 Ray Harryhausen & me

John Cox, Ray Harryhausen & Diana Harryhausen at BIAF 2000

‘I am very honored to be here tonight to introduce a man who, unbeknownst to him, was the sole reason for the path my career has taken. Last year (1999) I met Ray Harryhausen for the first time and I was fortunate enough to talk to him for about five minutes ..  something which took me 25 years to do. It was only a ‘Hi, love your work’ sort of a talk … there just wasn’t enough time in those 5 minutes to tell him what he had meant to me and how he was the beacon that I had followed.

Well, I’ve got a few more minutes now, so I’ll tell you the story of Ray Harryhausen and me.

When I was 14, living in the southern suburbs of Sydney, there were two things that consumed my every waking moment … magic and Ray Harryhausen. The two went hand in hand.

Ray had the best job in the world and, as a fourteen year old, I decided that his profession was the one I was going to follow. What could be more fun than making monsters come to life? And getting paid to do it?

What I then needed to figure out was  … how was it done??

It was easy to get books on magic and find out how the illusions were achieved, but in 1975, finding information on visual effects was extremely difficult. Most of the information I had to work with came from fan magazines, and they didn’t always get the techniques or the facts right. And Ray’s Film Fantasy Scrapbook gave absolutely nothing away, however, it did have great photos that I could study for hours on end.

At this time videos  weren’t around, but super 8mm movies were, .. and in order to better study stop motion techniques I bought the 4 x 8 minute parts of the 7th voyage of Sinbad and spliced them together. Every Saturday afternoon for the next three years I watched those 32 minutes of The Seventh voyage of Sinbad and also the 1933 B&W uncut version of King Kong.

These films inspired me to persevere in a field where there was little information available, and the only way to learn was through trial and error – experiment, make mistakes and try again. Using an 8mm camera it took several months before I could successfully walk a plasticene dinosaur from one side of the frame to the other, let alone synchronizing three guys sword fighting with seven skeletons that each have 5 moving appendages.

The deeper I delved into the magical world of special effects, the greater my admiration for Ray Harryhausen became, and the more determined I was to succeed at this choice of a career. Of course my parents always supported me but gently tried to persuade me to study surveying so that I could have a real job to fall back on should things not turn out the way I expected them to.

Well things didn’t turn out the way I expected, in 1977 when I left school stop motion animation was non-existent in Australia and so I had to let go of following directly in Ray’s footsteps.  But this didn’t stop me from getting involved in visual effects in other ways.

My story is similar to that of many people who are involved in visual effects today, they all cite one or another of Ray’s films as being the reason for them getting into this industry. Ray has been instrumental in leading a wealth of talent to the visual effects arena.

His job description on each of his films was to be a designer, creator, director, cameraman, technical consultant and often the initial writer, …. and this was before he even began animating and creating all the characters and other visual effects for his films.

During his career Ray has brought to life many mythical characters in many ground breaking films that have themselves become legendary.

And so, without further reminiscing by me, would you please welcome the inspirational Mr Ray Harryhausen.’


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